PharmaTest Semi automated dissolution

Semi Automated Dissolution Testing ptws-820D dissolution tester

Pharma Test Apparatebau AG announces the release of the first model of its next generation of tablet dissolution testing instruments. The youngest model of this new product line, the PTWS 820D, is available now!.

The PTWS 820D is an 8-position, single-drive compact tablet dissolution testing instrument. It features a completely new set of control electronics with a large color touch screen, reacting on pressure. They use of it with gloves on is no problem. The touch screen controls the various mechanical features of the instrument such as the tool stirring speed, lift drive and heater. The instrument control is menu-driven. Visual signals inform the operator of the status of the critical instrument parameters, e.g., the current bath temperature and a countdown timer for the next sampling interval. Once a test is running, the instrument switches into a “highlight” mode, displaying critical information in an enlarged font. So the screen is readable from a large distance.