Speaker David Jacob from Cordouan Technologies at Labtechnology 3 en 4 October 2017 in Utrecht.

For three decades Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) has proven to be as a very efficient and powerful technique to characterize Nanoparticle size distribution in Liquids. Based on the measurement of scattered intensity fluctuations of particles, DLS can estimate accurately and in a simple manner the particle size distribution from 1 nm to 10µm range, in a matter of minutes.

Progress of lasers sources, detectors and computers has enabled reduction of size, price and significant improvement of performance of DLS instrumentation, leading to the wide spread use of the technique in research laboratories as a complementary tools to more costly alternative techniques such as SAXS and TEM. Currently a major hurdle to use DLS in process and kinetic synthesis monitoring is the need for batching samples in cuvettes, long measurement times and complex data interpretation. Hence a Paradigm shift is needed: “If you can’t bring the sample to the measurement, you need to bring the measurement to the sample!”

With this idea in mind, CORDOUAN has recently released a new generation of advanced DLS systems. Making use of innovative, remote optical fiber probes and time resolved correlation algorithms, we enable in situ and real time monitoring of size kinetic reactions and process control monitoring. During this presentation we will introduce you to the latest applications in this field using our new systems named “VASCO Flex” and “VASCO Kin”.

for more information see https://www.prolyse.nl and http://www.cordouan-tech.com