New Features

After PT-TD300 the new PTF instruments are the second wave of the Pharma Test next generation of galenic instruments to be released. All of these upcoming instruments share a common design and are based on the same control electronics. The upcoming PTF instruments are available with one, two, three and six test drums and offer many new features:

  • A redesigned instrument housing first introduced with PT-TD300 using polished stainless steel and a moulded plastic frame,
  • Newly developed control electronics featuring method and user management functions,
  • An integrated report printer (optional in PTF 100 and PTF 200) to print test and calibration reports,
  • The new PTF instruments are operated by an easy to use click wheel,
  • Interface to optionally connect a balance.

Discontinued Models

With the launch of the new PTF models some prior models (see below) are discontinued. There will be no functional changes to PTF 10E and PTF 20E instruments. These instruments will remain with the current feature set as entry level friability testing instruments.